Modern medicine is progressing. But incurable diseases are an area of worry. Chronic diseases have been deemed not curable. To make Cure is Possible Dr Avdhoot Shivanand introduced a new and revolutionary modality in the form of Integrative Cosmic Medicine. When the Integrative Cosmic Medicine is integrated with the modern medicine it has been observed that cure is faster and Doctors have said that the Cure is Possible.

One of the important areas of Integrative Cosmic Medicine is AVS Cosmic Therapy. Below are some of the advantages of becoming a Master Therapist or a Therapist of AVS Cosmic Therapy:

  1. The achievement of health and well being
  2. Healing takes place at the root level
  3. Remarkable results will be achieved when integrated with modern medicine
  4. An opportunity to start your own therapy center and take this up as a vocation by either dedicating yourself full-time or as a part-time practitioner.

In addition to the training provided to become the Master Therapist and Cosmic Therapist, there will be AVS Cosmic Therapy Centers all around the world where the Therapist can practice giving therapy. This is an opportunity for you to become a part of the vision to bring health and wellbeing to the world while taking this up as a professional undertaking.